Biking COVID-19 Operating Plan

Biking COVID-19 Operating Procedures

Our bike rentals and the Okanagan Rail Trail Shuttle service are now open. We have implemented a full range of COVID-19 protocols to keep you, our clients, as well as our staff safe, while ensuring your experience remains at the same high standard we are known for.

Rentals and shuttles must be booked in advance via Predator Ridge website or by scheduling an appointment. 

Drop-in appointments are at the discretion of the Predator Ridge Team Member and prevalent conditions. There may be conflicting appointments, tasks or preparations underway for shuttle departures that preclude our ability to provide a high level of customer service and follow safety protocols.  We may have to ask you to return at a later time.


Arrival at the Bike Shop (Rentals, Shuttle, Maintenance, Lessons):

  • Please notify a Bike Shop Team Member of your presence by the method indicated at the entrance.
  • Entry to the Bike Shop will be via the Bike Shop Door only (not the Racquet Club entrance) and when you are admitted to the facility by a Team Member.
  • Please practice Social Distancing and observe all signs and spacing indicators while waiting in line and once you enter the building.
  • An electronic release form must be completed prior to participating in an activity or renting equipment.
  • Hands must be sanitized before entering the building and prior to testing a bike.
  • Upon return, please place your bike in the rack indicated “BIKE RETURNS” and notify the Bike Shop Team Member of your return.