Bicycle Refresher | Rail Trail Riding Lessons

Bicycle Refresher | Rail Trail Riding Lessons



  • You know how to ride a bike but bikes have changed
  • You’ve been so focused on school, your career or family that you haven’t had time to ride your bike
  • You want to ride your bike to the store, the pickleball court or around your neighborhood
  • You are thinking about riding the Okanagan Rail Trail but you have some hesitations
  • You see cycling as a low impact way to remain active and be a part of your healthy lifestyle          

If you fit into one or more of the above categories, this lesson might be perfect for you – it will get you back on your bike and increase your confidence while working on the following skills: 

  • Starting and stopping
  • Balance
  • Which gear does what?

Join Dialed Rides and other likeminded people in this, fun, single session (or come back as often as you like).  This lesson is focussed on the basics.  It may open up the possibility for you to explore off-road - wide open paths and trails that are generally smooth and flat.

COST: $75/person* |  2 Hour Group Style Lesson


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