Okanagan Rail Trail

Your Basecamp to the Okanagan Rail Trail

The Okanagan Rail Trail is a 48.5km trail running on a discontinued rail corridor beginning in Coldstream and when complete, will end in Kelowna. The trail boasts 24 kms of lakefront, creeks and truly unique natural habitats with 43 cultural and recreational points of interest.  The trail has a 1.3% maximum grade on its gravel surface, making it accessible to all skill levels.

Our new shuttle service operates between Coldstream and Lake Country, a 27km stretch of the Rail Trail that runs directly alongside Kalamalka Lake with a gentle grade and trail surface. This stretch of the trail takes 2.5 hours to bike at a moderate pace.

This service will expand as construction on the Okanagan Rail Trail finalizes and extends to Kelowna. The drop off location in Coldstream is on Kickwillie Loop Road. The pick-up location in Lake Country is on Woodsdale Road.



Our bike rentals and the Okanagan Rail Trail Shuttle service are now open. All bike rentals and shuttle services must be booked in advance through our online Bike Rental portal.

Our shuttle is currently running on Friday, Saturday & Sunday only. 

We have implemented a full range of COVID-19 protocols to keep you, our clients, as well as our staff safe, while ensuring your experience remains at the same high standard we are known for.



Okanagan Rail Trail Bike Shuttle – Route Information and Points of Interest


Coldstream to Lake Country Route Overview

Total Distance:  27km

Average Biking Time: 2.5 hours, casual pace with short stops. 

We have allowed a 3.5 hour window, between drop off and pick up, for you to enjoy the ride, have a picnic, pick berries or have a swim.  Much of this scenic route is along Kalamalka and Wood Lakes.  The old railway systems have opened up an amazing recreation corridor and the conversion of this trail has been no small task.  You will find the gentle grade and trail surface ideal for an easy ride or stroll along the lakes, accessing nature, wildlife and spectacular views.  Please note some of the following information and points of interest to best plan your adventure:

  • Be prepared for the weather and take adequate nutrition and hydration for your adventure.
  • Watch for wildlife (bears) and leave plants and nature as you find them for others to enjoy
  • The Okanagan Valley Rail Trail passes through areas of private land –most infrastructure (docks) are private – to help ensure the sustainability of this wonderful asset, please respect all private property.



The Northern End and start of this Okanagan Rail Trail Adventure.  Our daily shuttle will drop you off here for your adventure.  Arrangements can be made if you do not wish to ride the whole distance to Lake Country.


Kekuli Bay Provincial Park

Distance from starting point:  8km

Average Biking Time: 40 minutes, casual pace with short stops.

The first stretch will give you a taste of the ride ahead.  Beaches and accessible shoreline are found in the Coldstream to Kekuli Bay corridor.  Kekuli Bay Provincial Park has facilities including flush toilettes and running water.  It is a popular campsite and one of the few public boat launches on Kalamalka Lake.  Use caution when crossing the road / active boat launch.  Enjoy the beaches on the South End of Kekuli Bay – there is limited lake access from this point until Oyama.




Distance from starting point:  17km

Average Biking Time: 1.5 hours (from start), casual pace with short stops.

This segment of the trail is approximately 9km from Kekuli Bay and is relatively un-serviced.  Make sure you have enough water and snacks for this segment.  Depending on the time of year, this is prime area to see the beautiful turquoise waters that Kalamalka Lake is known for.  Washroom (outhouse), doggie stations and refuse services start at about 15km.  You will also see a change in scenery as you to travel through fruit orchards neighboring the trail.

Oyama is one of the four distinct neighborhood communities of Lake Country, the other three being Winfield, Carr’s Landing and Okanagan Centre.  Lake Country is rich not in only fruit but in cultural history.

Once in Oyama, the trail crosses the road and continue left, to the East Side of Wood Lake.  Before you cross the road, a short ride to the right will bring you to the Oyama General Store. the OKF Grill and Gatzke’s Farm Market where you can re-hydrate, enjoy a snack or walk through an orchard that boasts over 60 species of tree-fruits.  As you continue on the trail along the strip of land between Kalamalka Lake and Wood Lake you might break for a dip at one of the sandy beaches.


South End of Wood Lake, Lake Country

Distance from starting point:  27km

Average Biking Time: 2.5 hours (from start), casual pace with short stops.

After crossing the road in Oyama and turning left (east) you will travel along the intersection of Kalamalka and Wood Lakes then continue south along the eastern side of Wood Lake for the last segment of this tour.  Watch for Saskatoon Berries (in season) but watch the shrubs along the trail and note the signs with pictures indicating areas of Poison Ivy.  Interpretive signs have been placed along the trail and depending on the time you have taken to ride the trail, you have a few options at the end of this segment - the 27km mark.  Regardless of your choice – make sure you leave adequate time to return to the shuttle pick up location for your scheduled pick up.

  • Make your way to the pick-up location (parking lot by tennis courts - do NOT cross Woodsdale Road).
  • Turn right on Woodsdale Road and after a short ride, you will find Reiswig Regional Park – a beautiful grassy park and beach.
  • Continue along Woodsdale Road towards the highway and stop in at Turtle Bay Pub for a refreshment or snack on their patio that overlooks the Marina.