Latest posts - Golf Conditions & Course Maintenance

Bunker Etiquette

No one likes to be in the sand, unless it's a hot sunny day on one of the Okanagan's beaches. Unfortunately everyone ends up in a sand bunker once in a while and bunker etiquette should be an important part of every game.

Understanding Cart Path Only Traffic on the Golf Course

The three words that every golfer doesn’t want to see, “Cart Path Only”. Why does the golf course implement these rules that may slow down play?

Spring Maintenance for your Golf Cart

With the help from our friends at SC Carts, we've put together some spring maintenance tips to ensure your golf cart is ready to hit the fairways or cruise around the resort all season long.

New Membership Limited Time Offer

Predator Ridge offers a limited number of non-resident memberships per year. If you are not a property owner at Predator Ridge you still have the opportunity to become a member at this prestigious club.

Golf Course Grounds...A Year in Reflection

Predator Ridge Golf Course Superintendent, Mike Long, gives a summary of the overall golf course conditions throughout the 2014 season and a look at the projects his team will be working on over the winter and next spring.