Golf Course Refresh Project Update - December 2017

Working directly with critically acclaimed golf course designer Doug Carrick, in 2017/18 we undertaking a refresh of several holes on the Predator and Ridge courses.

Summary of project:

1)  Golf Holes Being Refreshed
     a. Predator #3, #4, #9
     b. Ridge #1

2) Construction Dates (approx.)
     a. October 2nd – November 15th ,2017
     b. March 15th June 15th,2018
     c. Approximate opening date for full 36 – June 15th, 2018

3) Golf Course Rotation During Construction
     a. Ridge course
          i. 18 Holes (Currently Ridge #2-#18 and Predator #1)
     b. Predator course
          i. 18 Holes (Playing Holes #10-#18, twice)
     c. Member Practice / Special Member Event Holes
          i. Predator #5 - #8

Project Update - December 7, 2017

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide you with communication regarding development work being performed in our community, we wanted to provide you with an update on the golf course refresh project. 

As previously communicated, this project is going to mean some great updates and fixes to the Predator Course, along with making Ridge hole 1 a little more exciting.  Predator hole 3 is going to have a much wider fairway along with a playable/enjoyable new green surface. Predator hole 4 is going to take advantage of an elevated tee and again to a much more playable/receptive green. Predator hole 9 is going to have character once again, with a larger green site and a reduced hazard of errant golf balls.

We have had a few challenges this fall including finding some unexpected rock, a few early snow events and cold weather - which have all slowed down construction due to muddy, saturated conditions that reduces access of heavy machinery to the site. This is making our time line tighter, but with a good spring we feel confident that we will be able to stay on track.

We now have about 90% of the earthworks done and 40% of the shaping done, including some greens and bunkers shaping taking form on Predator hole 9. Drainage has started and the irrigation contractor has been gluing pipe and is fully mobilized, ready to go.

As far as rock works during the project, you may have noticed that we have opted to use a drilling approach rather than using a traditional blasting program.  Using drilling means a slower process, but ensures the potential for disruption is significantly lower for our residents and guests.  We have a third party engineer onsite daily, monitoring all work, so please be assured that structural integrity of roads, infrastructure, as well as homes on Predator Ridge Drive and Mashie Crescent are not being impacted by this work.  Unfortunately the rock removal element of the project has taken longer than originally anticipated, due to harder than projected rock, but we are expecting all rock removal work to be completed by mid-December.  

We thank you for your ongoing patience with this development work as we continue to invest and grow here at Predator Ridge.  As always, please exercise caution when in proximity to the work sites.


The Predator Ridge Team


To learn more about what is involved in the golf course refresh project, + please click here.




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