Golf Course Refresh Project

Golf Course Refresh Project

If you haven't already heard, in 2017/18 we are making some improvements to our golf experience and undertaking an exciting new refresh to several holes on our golf courses. 

These changes are going to mean some significant improvements to our already high standard of golf here at Predator Ridge with a purpose to renew the links character and increase playability on several holes of our golf courses.  

Working with THE best in the industry, this project is being led by world renowned golf course designer Doug Carrick with direct involvement from original Predator course architect Les Furber. Our mandate for this project was to improve the golf experience on each of the holes, which both course architects have proudly signed off on. 

We are investing approximately $3.5 million dollars into this project to ensure it's done right.  Putting that in perspective, golf courses have been built for that amount and some in the area have been purchased for that amount. This spend is going toward just 4 out of our 36 holes. 

Every square inch of these new holes will be sodded in the same grass types we use throughout the Predator and Ridge courses.  Our new 36 hole golf experience will be opening mid-June and playability will be up to the usual high standard that you can always expect to play at Predator Ridge.



1)  Golf Holes Being Refreshed
     a. Predator #3, #4, #9
     b. Ridge #1

2) Construction Dates (approx.)
     a. October 2nd – November 15th, 2017
     b. March 15th – June 15th, 2018
     c. Approximate Opening date for full 36 holes – June 15th, 2018

3) Golf Course Rotation during Spring 2018
     a. Ridge course
          i. 18 Holes (Current Ridge #2 through #18 plus previous Predator #1)
     b. Predator course
          i. 18 Holes (Playing Holes #10 through #18, twice)
     c. Member Practice / Special Event Holes
          i. Predator #5 through #8

This project is going to mean some great updates and fixes to the Predator Course, along with making the first hole on the Ridge course, a little more exciting. 



Ridge Course - Hole #1
Retaining strategic and visual character

  • New tee box experience maintaining the distance of 420 yards
  • New fairway will be shifted 30m to the east
  • Fairway will now be a slight dogleg left
  • New green side bunkers will be introduced to improve green side play
  • New green will be shifted 78m to the east


Predator Course - Hole #3
A more generous landing area

  • A wider fairway will result in a significantly more generous landing area off the tee
  • The fairway will be reshaped and graded to ensure less errant tee shots will enter the practice facility
  • Approach area in front of the green will be re-graded and softened to ensure a more playable surface
  • Improved bunkers surrounding the putting surface


Predator Course - Hole #4
Elevated tee producing stunning views and a more playable green

  • New elevated tee box experience with stunning views
  • Hole yardages will have minimal impact.  Blue tee deck being 187 yards.
  • Putting surface will be rebuilt and lowered 3 metres below the tee deck resulting in a more playable landing area
  • The new putting surface will produce increased pin locations


Predator Course - Hole #9
Improving the tee shot

  • New tee box experience maintaining the distance of 440 yards
  • New tee box will be shifted 60m to the east
  • New fairway bunkers for strategic and visual appeal off the tee
  • Fairway to be re-graded to prevent errant shots from entering the practice facility
  • The new fairway will be shifted 15m to the east 


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