Golf Tips: Fitness in Golf

There are many facets of fitness in the golf world today.  We still see many shapes and sizes on the professional tours but truth be told, a good number of them work on some fitness outside of just hitting golf balls. 

On each tour, there are fitness vans that follow each week. These allow players the area to get worked on and stretched, as well as a place to run, use a stair machine, lift weights, and work on core exercises without the hassle of trying to find a local gym. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are still those that would rather find the local gym and get away from the golf course.  Caddies are not allowed in the tour vans so you see them a lot at the local spots each week…even they need to keep up their fitness!

Most players will work on some form of cardio.  This helps when the days get long and they need to make sure that the energy levels are high enough to last. 

Core and balance is the next big area to work on; a lot of rotational work on a ball with weights, lifting and working on back strengthening, as well as proper balancing with weight distributed evenly over the middle of the feet. 

There is so much strain on different muscles in the golf swing that it is important to make sure that the ‘big muscles’ or core muscles are strong and balanced, and can withstand the pressure of the repetition of golf.

However you decide to enhance your golf fitness, it’s always a good idea to learn more and make sure that you stick to it. It will help your golf game in the long run and help you to win those matches that come down to the last few holes!

Written by AJ Eathorne | Academy Manager | Predator Ridge Resort


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