Our golf courses are currently closed for the season and will reopen in April 2021.

This operating plan is what was used during our 2020 golf season and all protocols are subject to change for our 2021 season.


We have worked through every aspect of our business to ensure we are taking appropriate measures and creating protocols to protect our guests, staff & community, and we are delighted to provide you with a safe place to come and get away.

We've made significant investments into new sanitization protocols to ensure all carts are fully disinfected and sterilized.

Be assured that we've thought through it all and your golf game will be as safe as possible.

We are compliant with the Order of the Provincial Health Officer Sections 30, 31, 32, and 39 (3) Public Health Act, S.B.C.), WorkSafeBC and NGCOA and Golf Canada.



In order to play, all players must accept and complete an electronic declaration acknowledging COVID-19 protocols prior to accessing the golf course, no exceptions.


  • Members are asked to make all reservations online through their member accounts on Jonas.
  • Hotel Guests & Public can book via central reservations at 1-888-578-6688 or online at


  • You must arrive no earlier than 25 minutes prior to your scheduled tee time.
  • There will be a greeter stationed on the road, near the entrance to the Lodge parking lot. This greeter is to welcome our resort guests and inform them, further, about our COVID-19 protocols.
  • Our staff will greet you upon arrival beside The Shop where you will be asked to load your own bag(s) on the pre-sanitized golf carts.
  • Staff will disinfect the steering wheel, cup holders, seat, washer, roof handles, sand and seed bottles and on cart rakes prior to play.
  • If you are a member who has your own cart, you may park it in one of our parking lots.
  • With resort guests back on property, we highly encourage you to drive a car to the course, if you are not taking your own cart out on course. Leaving your personal cart in the parking lots could result in theft, which Predator Ridge is not responsible for.
  • We can now allow two people per cart. Each cart has been fitted with a custom divider to ensure separation between the driver and passenger.
  • Each group needs to decide who will be the driver for the entire round and who will be the passenger. You are not share these responsibilities. Please have a dedicated driver for the entire round.
  • Please check in through Member Services prior to play.
  • A maximum of 6 people, including staff, can be in Member Services or The Shop at a given time.
  • We will have on course ambassadors and starters to ensure proper start times and ensure COVID-19 procedures are being followed on course.


  • Players must at all times abide by the mandatory physical distancing requirements of at least 2 meters or 6 feet.
  • Groups may not join up or play with any more than 4 players.
  • Holes will be equipped with PVC pipe placed in to prop up a ball that is in the hole.
  • 6" gimmies are encouraged or as group decides.
  • On course bathrooms are open and new cleaning schedules have been created.
  • Increased hand sanitizing stations are available at on course washrooms.
  • Flags are to stay in the hole at all times. Please do not touch the flag poles.
  • Replace all solid divots. Sand and seed bottles are on each cart. Each bottle will be pre-sanitized.
  • Rakes have been removed from the bunkers and placed on each cart. Please remember to bring the rake with you, when your ball lands in a bunker.
  • There will not be any shotgun events, split tees or modified shotguns offered.
  • There is to be absolutely no touching of any kind during play. Should you or your group be caught not practicing physical distancing, you will be removed from the course and will be subject to disciplinary actions.
  • Please follow all on and off course signage.
  • In the event of an emergency, please call 9-1-1.


  • Predator Ridge golf cart, it must be returned to the cart storage area, located at the bottom of the hill near the first parking lot.
  • Carts are not to be dropped off, or left, in any other area on property.
  • Carts will be sanitized by our staff using detailed cleaning procedures. Each player will be asked to self-remove their garbage from the carts. We ask for your assistance in keeping our staff safe by avoiding the unnecessary handling of personal debris.


  • Physical distancing and other requirements will be monitored by staff on course.
  • Do not approach staff or violate the required physical distancing of 6 feet or 2 meters.
  • Property access is not permitted for Members who are in self isolation as a result of travel on mass transit from international travel (14 days), or for anyone who has been exposed to a known or potential case of COVID-19 (14 days).
  • Do not come to the course if you are sick or feeling unwell.
  • On-site Golf Operations staff will only assist in extraordinary circumstances.
  • No personal alcoholic beverages will be permitted. This would be a violation of our liquor license. Zero tolerance measures will be enforced and will result in direct removal from the course and subject to disciplinary actions.


  • Club Storage - no access is permitted.
  • Valet parking will not be available. You may drive into the roundabout, drop off your bag and then make your way to the parking lots.
  • No water bottles or cups will be provided. You should bring your own water bottle. You will be able to refill your bottle through Member Services or the Turning Point or Outlook Cabin concessions.
  • Shuttle services will not be in operation.
  • Towel service will not be available. We encourage you to bring your own towel.
  • All on course accessories including: ball washers, rakes, garbage bins, etc. have all been removed.


For further information, please feel free to visit the following pages for additional resources, outlined orders and protocols.