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The Academy at Predator Ridge offers professional golf instruction taught by a select team of PGA of Canada Professionals

Whether you are looking for a single or series of lessons, private or group lessons, or even our season-long player development program, our team of professionals will deliver the best instruction that will help you play better golf.

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Kyla Inaba joins the Predator Ridge team with five years of professional playing experience on the Symetra Tour, Australian Ladies Tour, and the former Canadian Women’s Tour. 

During her professional career Kyla competed on the Golf Channel’s Altered Course – Montego Bay, a reality TV show that combined golf and speed golf together to create an “extreme” style competition.

Inaba studied at UBC (B.Sc .2009) where she played a key role as part of the Thunderbird team from 2005-2009. 

It was through the coaching staff at UBC where she was introduced to the importance of sports psychology, and golf fitness as well as other important practices when it comes to competitive golf.

As Kyla turns her focus towards coaching she believes a good work ethic, an open mind, and a positive attitude can take any player a long way.  She believes there is just as much to learn on the course as there is on the practice facility.

Inaba is certified as a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) level one coach.  She believes that every body is built differently and each student will have varying physical limitations which will uniquely affect how we can build the most efficient swing for the individual.

Kyla has an energy and passion for improving and growing students’ golf game.  She loves working with the Swing Like a Girl and Junior programs as well as individual and group lessons.

Sean Burke, PGA of Canada

Sean-Burke-300x300.jpgLEAD CPGA INSTRUCTOR

Sean Burke was introduced to golf in Ontario when he was about nine years old and has not stopped playing since.

He played in many junior and college events which helped him to understand what competitive golf was all about.

After he graduated from the PGM program at Niagara College and got his CPGA card, he joined us here at Predator Ridge in 2012.

Burke has worked his way up at Predator Ridge from valet attendant to a full-time golf instructor.

As a teacher, Burke feels that there is nothing greater than seeing a dramatic improvement in the short hour window with a student. 

He enjoys working with all ages of people and with all different swings. 

One of his biggest passions is working with juniors and seeing the growth of skill and passion as they develop in the game of golf. Burke believes, “when coming to a lesson having a specific goal is one of the most important steps to improving your game.

As your instructor, it’s my privilege to help you reach that goal, then set new ones to strive towards.”

In his free time, Burke can be seen playing on the Local Okanagan Pro Tour and playing golf any chance he gets.  You may even catch him playing some beach volleyball and enjoying a cold beverage on the deck.



Brodie Carle joined us in 2014 at the Predator Ridge Academy as the Lead Instructor. Recently he was named the "2016 PGA of BC Teacher of the Year" as well as "2014 PGA of BC Apprentice/Assistant Professional of the year" and the coveted "2014 CPGA Moe Norman Award for the top Apprentice/Assistant Professional in the country."

Brodie enjoys meeting new people every day and takes great pride in being able to coach a wide variety of skill levels as well as tailoring programs for the individual. His students have ranged from beginners to NCAA students as well as Canadian PGA and WEB.com tour players. Carle offers a wide variety of experience in the industry and places a high priority on not only keeping his own game sharp but enjoying the challenges of every day teaching and coaching.

Brodie  has enjoyed his journey in the golf world.  He had his start at Shannon Lake Golf Course and then moved on to becoming a professional through Camosun College with the Business/PGM Golf Program. He followed his education by caddying in Las Vegas and on the men’s European Tour.  His favorite moments were attending the British Open, Ryder Cup and multiple other PGA Tour events. He is passionate about traveling as well as having new experiences in and out of golf. 

“I have coached golf since the age of 19 and I believe that each individual’s golf game is as unique as the individual himself. Having said that, the key to success in golf is having solid fundamentals and working on those fundamentals until the stage of automatic or full confidence is achieved. I respect anyone that has the courage to ask for help in the game of golf and takes the next step to getting better!”

Russ Bischoff

Russ-Bischoff-300x300.jpgFITNESS EXPERT

Russ Bischoff is a fitness expert with 30 years of experience.  He developed his passion for fitness while playing college basketball.  His time dedicated to fitness on and off the court led him to be a Strength and Conditioning Coach at the university level. 

Russ uses functional fitness training techniques with his clients.  He uses progressive exercises that match the individual's current ability and helps them reach levels they may not have thought possible. He prides himself on progressing individuals to optimize their performance.

Golf has reached a point where its athletes understand that better fitness and health will improve the golf swing.

You can trust Russ to provide effective, sport specific exercises to improve your golf game and overall health.

As a certified Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) fitness professional, personal trainer and teacher, Russ has all of the expertise and experience to take your game to the next level.




Jan Derpak

Jan Derpak

Academy Sport Psychologist

Rob McMillan

Rob McMillan

Academy Registered Physiotherapist, BScKin,MScPT,MCPA

Jonnie Motomochi

PGA of Canada College Consultant
Former Oregon State University Beavers Assistant Golf Coach - 2013-2017