Perform your best using TaylorMade's cutting edge fitting solutions.

Did you know that Predator Ridge is the Okanagan's largest TaylorMade Performance Center hub?

TaylorMade Performance Centers offer golfers of all skill levels the opportunity to perform their best by utilizing TaylorMade’s cutting edge fitting solutions.  If you’re not having equipment fit to your game – regardless of what your ability is – then you’re not getting the most from your equipment. With TaylorMade Tuned Performance technology, our TaylorMade Master Fitters can make changes and tune technology on the spot. No more waiting. Immediate feedback. Immediate improvement for your game.

At every TaylorMade Performance Center, golfers experience the art and science of the custom fitting process with one of our TaylorMade Master Fitters.  Our staff understands the technical aspect behind every product, and can accurately interpret launch monitor information to properly match the player with their perfect equipment. 

This ensures that the recommendation of equipment, and the knowledge gained, will allow you to get the most performance out of your game.  Whether it’s one specific club, or an in-depth full-bag fitting analysis, our experts are ready to take your game to the next level.

TaylorMade’s proprietary FlightScope software allows your TaylorMade Master Fitter to accurately measure a multitude of ball flight parameters including initial velocity, vertical/horizontal launch angles, spin axis, and total spin.  Players see all of this data, as well as carry distance and total distance, in real time and our Master Fitters gain the scientific data needed to find the correct fit for your game.

Once a month,  Taylormade Master Fitter, Mike Langin visits Predator Ridge to conduct world-class fitting services.  Mike Langin will bring in excess of 160 shafts and over 100 club heads in order to find the perfect product for each player.

To book your fitting session or to learn more, please call The Shop at (250) 503-3402 or email us at  Fittings must be booked ahead of time, as a full bag fitting session can take up to 2 hours.