Get active in a safe space AT Predator Ridge

Please find below our current operating plan at the Predator Ridge Fitness Centre.  This plan is subject to change based on province-wide restrictions and guidelines. We are continuously monitoring and adjusting our guidelines according to all COVID-19 provincial and federal government & IHA recommendations and restrictions.

Our operating plan is based on 5 key factors:

  1. Safety of homeowners, staff and the Predator Ridge community
  2. Reducing touch points
  3. Limiting access
  4. Strictly enforcing physical distancing measures
  5. Enhancing cleaning procedures

It is important to know that this is not business as usual. We must adapt to the new normal and follow mandated government health & safety protocols. We must work together to support each other.



  • If you are experiencing any cold or flu like symptoms you are asked to remain at home and cancel your booking. Please do not make a booking or enter the Fitness Centre if you are considered vulnerable or at risk.
  • Usage of the Fitness Centre is limited  to Homeowners and long term guests only who have been inside the Interior Health Region for the last 14 days. No exceptions.  + click here to see a definition of the geographic area this region includes
  • At this time, access to the Fitness Centre is not permitted if you have been exposed to a known or potential case of COVID-19 within the past 14 days.
  • At this time, if you are arriving on property from outside of the Interior Health Region, we ask that you isolate and self-quarantine for 14 days before you enter the Fitness Centre.  It is impossible for us to be responsible for every guest and visitor’s internal health. Every guest and visitor have a duty of care and human responsibility to ensure their own personal health and the health of those travelling with them.
    + click here to see a definition of the geographic area this region includes 


  • At this time, usage of the Fitness Centre is limited to Homeowners & to registered Long Term Guests who have been inside the Interior Health region for the last 14 days. No exceptions.  + click here to see a definition of the geographic area this region includes
  • At this time, usage of the Fitness Centre is limited to Homeowners and Long Term Guests who have had no contact with anyone outside of the Interior Health region for the last 14 days.  No exceptions. 
  • Due to current COVID-19 provincial government restrictions, all group fitness classes are cancelled until further notice. 
  • Family swim times are available 2 days a week. Must bring your own pool toys. No more than one family per lane.
  • The steams, hot tub and showers are closed. The only exception are showers on the pool deck which are open for swimmers to use.
  • Entry is allowed through advanced bookings only. We are enforcing strict hand sanitization upon entry and a mandatory mask policy is effect in all public indoor spaces including when entering and exiting the fitness facility or any class room space (when applicable).
  • Anyone using the Fitness Centre must provide contact information on every booking for mandatory contact tracing. No exceptions.


  • Monday through Saturday between 6:00am - 8:00pm
  • Sundays & Holidays 7:00am - 8:00pm


  • Tuesday 4:30pm - 5:45pm | Sundays 1:30pm - 2:45pm.
  • Maximum of 10 people allowed per time slot. Pre-bookings suggested ( or phone: (250) 558-3443)
  • Must come in swim suits. No change rooms available.
  • No pool toys provided.
  • No towels are provided. Resort guests, please bring towels from Lodge.


  • Bookings will be made in 1 hour and 15 minute time slots. 15 minutes will be scheduled between bookings to allow for staff cleaning.
  • You must allow 5 minutes at the end of your booked time for your own cleaning before exiting on time. No exceptions.
  • Bookings can be made by phone at: (250) 558-3443 or by email at:
  • Long Term Resort guests may only book 24 hours in advance.
  • Homeowners may book 3 time slots, up to one week in advance. To book more than 3 time slots, Homeowners may phone day of and book, if time slots are available.
  • To accommodate all demand, please cancel all bookings if you are unable to make your scheduled booking.
  • Space for bookings will be as follows:
    1. Weight Room (5)
    2. Upper Studio (4)
    3. Lower Studio (2)
    4. Pool (2). Can be in the same lane only if from the same bubble.
    5. Family Swim Time (10)


  • Come in your workout clothes.
  • You must wear a mask when entering and exiting in the facility. 
  • You must sanitize your hands up entering the facility. 
  • Change into inside shoes after you have entered the Fitness Centre.
  • Drinking fountains and water dispensers will be closed. Please bring your own filled water bottles.
  • Bring your own towels. No towels will be provided.
  • You will be required to sanitize your hands upon entering & exiting the building.
  • No gathering will be allowed.
  • Upon arrival at the Fitness Centre, you will be required to sign a declaration before you will be allowed to use the facility.
  • You must obey all posted signs and keep a physical distance of at least 2 metres from other guests and staff.
  • You will be provided with a spray bottle and rags to be used to thoroughly clean each piece of equipment both before and after use. To avoid cross contamination, rags are to be used only once and discarded in designated bins after each use.
  • You will be required to exit on time. No exceptions.


  • Due to province-wide restrictions around group indoor physical activities, we temporarily cancelled all group fitness classes.  We will be starting some of our low intensity group exercise classes back up on January 10, 2021. + See class calendar

For further information, please feel free to visit the following pages for additional resources, outlined orders and protocols.