Resort Covid Operating Plan

You’re safe at Predator Ridge Resort

How you travel is important to your health and safety, but so is where you travel to. Predator Ridge Resort is uniquely built and protocols are set up to minimize any risk associated with COVID-19.

So long as we can safely accommodate our guests and homeowners to service their needs - and demand for our services and facilities exist - we intend to operate as safely and cautiously as possible, albeit at a reduced capacity.

Long before the global COVID-19 pandemic, Predator Ridge Resort strictly adhered to all our statutory obligations and heath orders from the Province and our Municipality. In fact, we are visited frequently by health, safety, fire, and other governmental and ministerial inspectors.


What we’re doing:

  • As per new province-wide restrictions and guidelines, face masks or coverings are now required in all shared indoor public areas and outdoor locations with common waiting areas where keeping a 2 metres/6 foot distance is not possible. There are some exceptions, based on local laws or guidance.
    Public areas include:
    • the Lodge lobby and hallways
    • Meeting and events space
    • Restaurants
    • SIM Lounges
    • Commonage Market
    • Fitness Centre
    • Commons Racquet Club Facility
    • Public Washrooms
    • Outdoor locations with common waiting areas include: Range Lounge & Grill, Pallino’s, the Fitness Centre, & Commonage Market, etc.
  • Some homeowners or guests may be exempt from the face masks or coverings mandate, including but not limited to:
    • guests with medical conditions
    • guests who are seated and consuming food or beverages in restaurants
    • guests who are seated outdoors and socially distant
    • and children under the age of two (2).
  • Guests are able to remove masks in indoor shared spaces when:
    • seated and dining,
    • playing tennis or pickleball,
    • playing golf in the SIM lounges,
    • exercising at the Fitness Centre.
  • Masks or face coverings must be worn in all common areas before play.
  • All employees must wear an approved mask in all indoor public common areas.
  • All public restrooms and shared common spaces are being cleaned by our Housekeeping and Custodial teams hourly.
  • Over 75 hand sanitizing stations have been installed in key areas like the entrance points of all facilities, elevators and throughout the Predator Ridge Resort community.
  • Designated sanitization stations are set up outside each key business areas on the resort.
    * Resort Lodge, Commonage Market, Fitness Centre, Range Lounge & Grill, The Golf Shop, Member Services, Commons Racquet Clubhouse and The Tennis Bubble. Guests are required to sanitize before entering.
  • Plexiglass, protective screens, signage and physical distancing markers are posted to remind everyone of their part in ensuring safety.
  • Guests are required to follow all physical distancing mandatory guidelines by maintaining a distance of 2 meters (6.5 feet) apart.
  • Hands Free door openers utilized throughout the resort to mitigate high traffic touched areas.
  • High-touch areas are being disinfected continuously throughout the day.
  • Implemented ‘COVID Workplace Safety Protocols’. Each team member is trained and has agreed and acknowledged to the terms and conditions and as an employee of Predator Ridge Resort. Each team member has agreed to adhere to the noted company policies and protocols as outlined by WorkSafeBC to ensure the safety for themselves, colleagues, the employer and our guests.
  • Implemented a SMART Declaration at select amenities for traceability, should the need arise. + Please click here to complete our declaration form.

We continue to closely monitor the direction and recommendations provided from only accredited professional sources such as the Interior Health Authority, BC Ministry of Health, Health Canada, the BC Hotel Association, and the Hotel Association of Canada.

We recommend that our community, our guests, and visitors do so as well. Here are some helpful links: